Repeater Example

Here is a a proposed XML format for repeater information, taking Mississippi as an example.

One use of this structured data might be HT programming software that could read from your database directly.

Here's a sample of what the data from ms.xml looks like:

<repeater call="WB5USN">

For fun, if you have the latest FireFox browser, install the "XForms" standard support from and view repeater.xhtml. It is a simple HTML page that automatically reads the ms.xml file using XForms and displays it using CSS for formatting:

   <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="repeater.css" />
     <instance src="ms.xml" />

   <h1>Repeaters for <output ref="@id" /></h1>
   <repeat nodeset="repeater">
     <output ref="@call" />
     <output ref="output" />
     <output ref="offset" />
     <output ref="features" />

Leigh / WA5ZNU