LPT-1242 Winch Problem

My LPT-1242 with the enclosed cable and winch cover option will not go past about 25' unless I make modifications. I believe that the tower cannot reach its designed height without modifications. Here are the problems:

  1. The cable binds aginst the cable enclosing tube when the travel reaches within about 1" of the right of the winch.
  2. When the cable travels back left again, it binds against the worm gear of the winch itself.
  3. Even after passing the pressure points against the worm gear, the cable starts hitting the tie-off end points where the cable is attached to the left end of the winch.

Here are the measures I've taken to try to reach 44', which have not yet succeeded:

  1. On the right side of the winch, I attached a "pillow" made of 3/4" sandpaper abrasive strip, and tied it off with duct tape. This causes the winch cable to reverse direction about the time it starts binding aginst the cable enclosure tube.
  2. On the left side of the winch, I cut rubber disks and pressed them against the left. These didn't keep it from pressing against the worm gear, but they did keep it from rubbing against itself. I figured that the cable might damage itself more than the worm gear rubbing would.

Here are photos of the winch in various states. Please click on the photo for a larger version.