GlowBug 40


In 2004, I ordered a GlowBug-40 from GlowBugKits run by KG4HSY. The GlowBug-40 is no longer sold, but Dwight does sell a transceiver now. K6YUU and I built the board in 2005, but I never put it on the air or finished the case. Here is the work I did in August 2007 to finish the enclosure and get it on the air for the first time.

Primer first coat for the case


My first case paint attempt (the best)


The base, painted and with standoffs


Marking the place to drill the hole for the key jack


Painting the switchplate


Ready for attachment for screws in front

Countersinking later, maybe.


One watt output

one watt


Glowbug 40

First QSO

First QSO with KG6VPU who gave me 589 and said the rig had good tone. Also shown is QRP.ME Sudden Storm and New England QRP NESCAF filter which I used when the QRM got strong.

Glowbug 40 First QSO