Ham Radio and Modern Microcontrollers

Arduino, Picaxe, and Beyond

Pacificon 2013, Santa Clara, CA

The Big Picture

Open Source Software / Free Software / Open Hardware

Points along the Curve

  1. Arduino and Picaxe
  2. Raspberry Pi, and Beaglebone Black
  3. Linux, Python and Ham Applications
  4. Next-generation Arduino+Linux products

Points along the Curve: History and Future

Systems vs. Performance

Points along the Curve: History and Future

Systems vs.  Ease of Use
Ease of Use

I. Picaxe is a Gentle Onramp

I. Picaxe Example Projects

I. Picaxe Keyer (Rich Heinek AC7MA)

I. Picaxe Beacon (Bill Prats K6ACJ)

I. Picaxe Solar Tracker (Bill Prats K6ACJ)

I. Arduino

I. Arduino Benefits

I. Getting Started with Arduino

I. Example Projects: Arduino

I. Example Projects: Arduino (The Web)

I. Arduino Projects from

Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE

I. Arduino Projects from

Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE

  • Airgate: APRS IGate
  • QRSS-ATTiny: QRSS Transmitter
  • MM-Shield: QRSS and other modes Transmitter Shield
  • Thermic: Tube VFO Temperature and Stability Monitor
  • Time-Out: HT Talk Timer
  • Hermes: APRS Messenger
  • Timber: APRS Data Logger
  • Sweeper: RF Antenna SWR Analyzer
  • Buddy: Grid Square Annunciator for Microwave Rovers
  • Cascata: Hand-held Audio Waterfall
  • Dozen: SSTV Decoder and interface to SSTV Module
  • Marinus: APRS Map Display
  • Nanokeyer: CW Keyer
  • Swamper: 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • I. Arduino Project: Marinus, WA5ZNU

    I. Arduino Project: Sweeper

    I. Arduino Project:

    Antenna Tuner with Bluetooth to Android Tablet

    Watch PU2CLR video on youtube


    I. Chipkit: Microchip’s PIC Meets the Arduino

    I. Chipkit: Tentec Rebel

    Part II. More Power

    II. Raspberry Pi took the world by storm

    II. Raspberry Pi Pros

    II. Raspberry Pi Cons

    II. Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi

    Many book available, but start with Getting Started with Raspberry Pi


    II. Beaglebone Black

    II. Raspberry Pi Projects

    II. Side note: Compare with 2009 Project

    http://www.dimebank.com/cak/k6dbg/k6dbg_igate.html - APRS for WRT54G OpenWRT:

    II. Raspberry Pi SDR


    II. Raspberry Pi SSTV by HA5KDR Club



    II. The Two Cultures: DIY and Operating

    III. Learning Python

    III. Learning Python on Raspberry Pi

    III. Learning Python (and JavaScript)

    on BeagleBone Black:


    III. Sample Python Projects



    IV. The Next-Generation

    Combining Arduino+Linux on the same device

    IV. Arduino Yún

    IV. Arduino Yún Mesh Networking Project

    IV. Arduino Tre

    Beaglebone Meets the Arduino, with help from TI and BeagleBord.org

    IV. Arduino Intel Galileo

    Runs Linux and Arduino programs at the same time, on an Intel Pentium-class chip

    http://arduino.cc/en/ArduinoCertified/IntelGalileo http://www.intel.com/support/galileo/faq.htm


    PICAXE Arduino chipKIT Raspberry Pi Beaglebone Black Tre/Galileo
    555 Replacement Electronics Projects UI and Speed Applications and Linux Programming Ditto Mix?

    Thank You