Thursday, May 06, 2004 Zulu
NM3B, Autek QF-1A
Tonight I hooked up the Autek QF-1A I bought as the ASVARO flea market in Sunnyvale for $25. It's about 25 years old and I bought it from a Japanese ham who was very meticulous about it, and included the original manual. There was QRN on 40M so I tried it out and heard NM3B Wayne in Saint Mary's, PA calling CQ on 7.043 around 0520Z 2004 May 06. There were no other takers so I gave him a call back and tried out the QF-1. Sure enough, he reported lots of QRN but I could pick him out just fine. Wayne said he built an Elecraft K1 three years ago, and was using his homebrew tuner to a Zepp antenna up 50 ft at the apex, but I missed a bit of the feedline part because of QRM.
- posted by Leigh @ 05:26 z
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