Sunday, January 08, 2006 Zulu
I went to the hadrware store to get a fiberglass pole to hold up my magloop but didn't find one that wasn't half aluminum. Once in the car I put on a short 40m Hamstick and tuned around. Lots of RTTY QRM, but down low on 40m I heard K6WX calling CQ. I answered Kristen and we had a short CW QSO. I wished her GUD DX and said 73, as we're about 5 miles apart across the SF Bay. When Kristen was saying 73, though, I managed to pull the power plug out of my KX1 and lost the frequency. Kristen was 599 but I didn't get a report for my 3W. It was around 0100Z.

- posted by Leigh @ 01:00 z
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