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Radio Shack PowerUp with Anderson Power Poles

I got a Radio Shack PowerUp 12v/12ah car starter on close-out for $19.95. Chris K6DBG ordered a couple of PowerPole chassis mounts (HS-8) from PowerWerx and I fit mine into the case.

  1. First I removed the heavy, unfused battery clamps and set them aside, probably to re-use the wire for something else.
  2. Next, I used double spade lug connectors from West Marine to hook the plus and minus leads from the PowerPoles together and to the plus side of the battery breaker and the minus side of the battery and its charger (which I had to cut and crimp again).
  3. I routed the negative leads through the upper part of the handle area, to keep them away from the charger heat sink, but when I put it together, it still got a bit close.
  4. I covered all exposed + leads (battery, circuit breaker) with electrical tape, to protect them during reassembly. I also put a strip on the back of the charger circuit board as the negative wires ran a little close; something harder would be better.
  5. I cut a small amount of plastic from the thin vanes on the case so that the PowerPole chassis mount would fit. This unfortunately left some holes around the square area where the lighter hack was. I covered these with electrical tape for now.

Here is the connector I made, the inside without the connector, the installation location, and the finished view from the side:

Connector Inside Installation Finished


Next steps:

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