Tuesday, May 30, 2006 Zulu
I put the Buddipole in the back yard and 20M was pretty dead. 17 and 15 were quiet too, resting after WPX I guess. I tried the 40m vertical configuration using the radial adapter I got from Budd W3FF. It worked pretty well. I didn't bother tuning it, just used the one I had for my KX1 and the whip up all 6 sections. It was about 2.5:1 in the CW band, so I figured the loss in the coax wouldn't be too bad. I kept the wire off the ground and tied it to a leaf. Maybe I'll use some insulating fishing line next time. I heard KF6FIX Don in Huntington Beach, CA call CQ on 7041.50 around 0000Z and we had a nice QSO at about 13 WPM. Don was running 10W to a 30' dipole, and I was running 15W from my K2.
- posted by Leigh @ 00:00 z
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