HP 5216A Transformer Cover Replacement

I removed the rear transfomer cover from my HP 5216A frequency counter. Don't do what I did. Don't remove the two screws on the rear panel transformer cover.

But if you do, here is the replacement procedure, in 15 easy steps:

  1. Facing rear of unit, remove right cover, exposing crystal reference and power supply board.
  2. Remove bottom cover (two screws in back bottom).
  3. Remove 2 screws holding crystal board bracket. Do not remove crystal board itself from bracket. Position assembly safely out of the way.
  4. Detach power supply board from edge connector.
  5. Remove two screws (tapered) in power supply board and detach from transformer insulation shell. Protect against transformer dropping or pulling out its delicate wires.
  6. Remove power supply board and set it and two screws aside.
  7. Fish for #6 nuts inside transformer plastic cover.
  8. Push transformer through back cover hole in correct orientation.
  9. Replace rear transformer cover. Put long screws with star washers back through holes and flush with plastic case.
  10. Use fingers to position hex nuts.
  11. Tighten screws, attaching transformer and its cover to plastic case.
  12. Re-attach power supply board to its edge connector by using left hand on top and right hand through side.
  13. Position power supply board over plastic transformer cover and align screw holes.
  14. Using right angle or short screwdriver, re-attach power supply board to transformer plastic cover with two screw.
  15. Replace crystal board. See See http://www.prc68.com/I/Images/5216Rs.jpg for proper positioning.

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