Quisk LPPan-K3 package: Installation

Follow these steps to begin installation.

Note: If you are still running python-2.6, change the python versions below from 2.7 to 2.6.

For Ubuntu:

  1. sudo apt-get remove python-wxgtk2.6
  2. sudo apt-get install python2.7-dev python-setuptools python-wxgtk2.8 fftw3 libfftw3-dev libasound2-dev portaudio19-dev
  3. sudo easy_install quisk_lppan_k3

For Fedora:

  1. sudo yum install python2.7-devel python-setuptools python-wxgtk2.8 libfftw3-devel libasound2-devel portaudio-deve-19
  2. sudo easy_install quisk_lppan_k3

For all

Earlier versions of quisk include the quisk command-line script file, but 3.4.8 does not.

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