Quisk LPPan-K3 package: Configuration

Follow these steps to begin configuration.

  1. Save .quik_conf.py as ~/.quisk_conf.py in your home directory (note the "dot" at the beginning of the filename)
  2. Edit ~/.quisk_conf.py and change the sound card and sample rate settings to match yours.

The sound card I use with my LP-PAN is the third one, so I use hw:2. If yours is the second, use hw:1. The EMU-0202 sound card works only at 44.1Khz unless you have a very recent kernel and Alsa, in which case it will work at 44.1, 48, or 96 KHz. Some have reported that the Creative SB-0490 USB Sound Blaster works at 96 KHz, but I can only get 48 KHz. If you have a USB device that works at 96Khz, please let me know what it is!

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Leigh, WA5ZNU