Rig Control

You must set up K3 rig control, rigcontrol through fldigi, or both.

Option 1: K3 rig control

Quisk uses the rigcontrol package to read and set the K3 VFO. The easy_install procedure will automatically install this package.

To setup K3 rig control:

  1. Create the directory by doing
    mkdir ~/.rigcontrol
  2. Save this file k3.xml to ~/.rigcontrol/k3.xml
  3. Edit the file to specify the baud rate and device for your K3 serial port.

You can probably leave the baud rate at 38,400, but you will definitely need to set the serial port device.

Option 2: Rig control through fldigi

If you run fldigi at the same time as quisk, then quisk will read and set the K3 VFO through fldigi.

You can start fldigi either before or after quisk; quisk will adapt.

Option 3: Both

If you do both Option 1 and Option 2, quisk will automatically choose between them. You can even start quisk, leave it running, and start fldigi later. You can even start fldigi, and then start quisk; quisk will adapt.

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