Quisk LPPan-K3 package

Quisk LP-Pan K3 on 40M


Quisk, by James N2ADR, is a compact software-defined radio (SDR) program for Linux.

This page describes the Quisk LPPan-K3 package, which configures Quisk to operate with the LP-PAN Panadapter, the Elecraft K3, and optionally with the popular fldigi digimode program.

Quisk, and the Quisk LPPan-K3 package, are written in Python.

Installation Overview

The installation and configuration requires the following steps.

  1. Verify hardware Requirements. (hardware)
  2. Install Quisk and the other required packages. (installation)
  3. Save and edit your quisk init file. (configuration)
  4. Setup rig control for quisk. (rig-control)
  5. Run quisk by typing quisk at a shell window. (launch)
  6. Additional optional steps follow launch.
  7. See also Known Issues.

For Help with Quisk

For help with Quisk, please sign up at Quisk Nabble Forum and post through the Web UI or by email (see Options, Post By Email).

Begin Installation

Follow these step-by-step instructions: Start

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