Sunday, December 28, 2003 Zulu
Balun on flagpole, prior to raisingantenna at about 20ft, with coax coming off sideAntenna wire in tree is pretty much invisibleit is halfway up the flagpoleLaunch VehicleRig: FT817+Z11, Lbiretto, and Coleman 10AH battery power

This is a 20m dipole on the flagpole at Palo Verde elementary school, which is closed for break. The coax ito the balun is 18' long and the FT-817 is up on about 4' so with the angle of the coax it evens out to about 20ft HAAT. It is pointed roughly east-west, about 90 degrees away from my G5RV at home. I used rubber-band rockets to launch nylon monofiliment fishing line over tree twigs to support the ends of my dipole, which is a bit corroded from 10 days beachside in Maui...

I worked KB7GFL on this antenna, Much less QRN here!

- posted by Leigh @ 00:44 z
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