Tuesday, January 06, 2004 Zulu

I made three QSL card designs using W7NN QSL card stock. I wrote the QSL program itself in PostScript, and print it directly on the printer or with GhostScript. I will probably be posting the code here. I's probably not useful to anyone but me anyway...

  1. QSL for when I am working portable HF, when I run a dipole up the flagpole at the local school. The image is a photo of the balun on the way up the "tower". It looks big, but it's really only about 35 feet tall.
  2. QSL for when I was QRV as KH6/WA5ZNU on Maui just before Christmas.
  3. A plain yellow one that is reminiscent of the QSL cards I had when I was a novice (1969). Some day I will find one and reproduce the design! (It had line drawings of the two hemispheres on left and right and QSL data on the back).

- posted by Leigh @ 18:59 z
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