Saturday, February 14, 2004 Zulu
Photo 06Photo 05pac-1220m hamstick dipole
I put together a hamstick dipole and mounted it up about 8.5ft on a piece of PVC pipe and shored it up with a ladder. I was going to test it against my Pac-12 but the center line feeding the BNC broke sp I wasn't able to try it. Accoding to my Tenna Dipper the hamstick dipole was resonant about 13.7Mhz, but the Z11 did OK through 18ft of coax. There was lots of activity on 14.070, and when I called CQ W8FDV answered me right away and we were both 599. Jim was on a low dipole too, in Apache Junction, AZ. We both had to QRT due to family obligations.
- posted by Leigh @ 22:33 z
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