Monday, February 02, 2004 Zulu
LaptopBuxcomm RamseyMess
I took my Buxcomm rascal interface apart and added a Ramsey VOX board kit I got at Halted for $10. I had to change the timing resistor from 220K to 1K ohm and then put a 10K ohm resistor in serirs with the input audio signal. The goal is to free up the lone serial port on my Libretto so I can use the PSKMeter. It worked great the first time and I had a long QSO with John WB6JNY in Menlo Park, CA. He answered my CQ on 14.070 0055z 02 Feb 04 and thought I was in 5-land, but we had a nice long QSO anyway, which ended when I had to clean up the MESS I made on the floor. Now I need to use that drill press I bought on sale at SoftwareandStuff to fit the two boards into a project box.
- posted by Leigh @ 01:51 z
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