Wednesday, April 07, 2004 Zulu
GlowBug 40
Glowbug 40 kitt
Here is my GlowBug 40 kit and a piece of Aluminum I bought to make the top of the chassis. For the bottom Dwight KG4HSY recommends wood, and Lucite for the sides:
The dimensions of the piece of metal before I had it bent was 13" X 4 3/8". The metal is bent 90 degrees, 4 1/2" from each end. This forms two sides 4 1/2" high. The cabinet is 4" wide across the top and of course 4 3/8" from front to back. The metal sides over a 4" X 4" X 3/4" block of wood which forms the base of the transmitter. The metal is 3/8" deeper than the wood base so this forms an overhang over the front piece of Lucite. I used 1/4" Lucite. If you use 1/4" Lucite you will have to countersink the plastic nut on the key jack. You could leave the nut off and you wouldn't have to do any countersinking.

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I've started on bulding this, finally.
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