Thursday, May 20, 2004 Zulu
CX7BF in Montevideo, Uruguay
On 2004 May 20 0325z I worked CX7BF Walter in Montevideo, Uruguay on 14.070 PSK-31 with my PSK-20 and K5OOR HFPacker amp at about 40W into the G5RV, my first QSO with Uruguay. Walter, a ham since 1967, was running 500 Watts with a Hy Gain amplifier! Uruguay is off the wrong end of my G5RV, so I was surprised he could copy me. Walter said it was about 10C-12C there, it being nearly winter time. There was a terrible QRM problem with someone overmodulating and taking out at least half of the band so I had to cut the QSO short, though Walter said I was solid copy on his end... It looks like he wants QSL direct.
- posted by Leigh @ 04:04 z
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