Sunday, May 09, 2004 Zulu
G5RV up higher now; LU8EKC PSK31 on 20M
I moved one leg of my G5RV up from a tree on the side about 5M up to a tree in the front about 10M up. It's not quite straight any more, but Cebik says that if it looks like a dipole still it's probably ok, and I figured the additional height would help. I came in and found that the resonance had gone down from 14.10 to 14.0 and the best I could get was 44 Ohms R and 10 Ohms X, as determined by my Autek. Probably the twists I'd put in the wire came out when I pulled it up; I think I should lower it and move it a little shorter. The HFpacker amp is doing well on 20 and I still need to find a way to reduce the output of the PSK-20 or pad it as 50W out is too much and it gets a bit warm. I saw LU8EKC Dan from Buenos Ares, Argentina calling CQ and answered him; he came back and gave me a 579. He had a tribander beam...9 May 2004 0044z
- posted by Leigh @ 00:44 z
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