Monday, May 24, 2004 Zulu
I build a 29-turn 30 meter coil for my PAC-12 and put it in the back yard. The SWR was 1.4:1 with a couple of the 20M counterpoises tied together lengthwise. At around 0145z WB6MLC/PM Ken in Fremont, CA was about 439 with my Autek QF-1A and KB6BA Oliver on his K1 and dipole-ish wire in the city park in Milpitas was around 459. I moved my Pac-12 to the roof and put on a longer counterpoise network (not sure it's am improvement) and the SWR is about 4:1 I heard Bonnie KQ6XA call CQ HFPack at 0254z about 559.
- posted by Leigh @ 03:49 z
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