Saturday, May 15, 2004 Zulu

I finally had enough confidence in my code to try an RPSK QSO. QSB was funny today -- there would be nothing and then 20 stations and then a few minutes later, nothing again. I saw VE7YXX Michael in Abbortsford, BC calling CQ on 14.070 and answered him, but the band was gone. Half an hour later he was back and gave me a 599 on the first call, with my PSK-20 at 2.5W! He was using a new ICOM after having switched from Kenwood, and this was his first day using it for PSK-20, though I have seen him on the bands before.

Michael picks up his ham mail in the US so I will wait for his QSL and send the return back to his US post office box.

QSO End 2004 May 14 2355z - 2004 May 15 0110z

QSL Sent
- posted by Leigh @ 01:13 z
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