Tuesday, June 01, 2004 Zulu
First time on 60M 5731.5 USB.
I hooked up my Pac-12 with the 40m coil, a 4ft aluminum extension, and then the 20m coil, and lowered about 2 top sections. I added the longest elevated radial I could make and put the Z100 tuner at the base of the antenna, and ran the coax to the shack. I could get about 1.8:1 out of it, so I turned on the HFPacker Amp and talked to WB6MLC Ken in Fremont and Bill K6ACJ in Huntington Beach, CA. Neither could hear me or each other very well, but I could copy them Q5 with my Autek QF-1A audio filter. I talked to Ken a little more after Bill went QRT and he could copy my 5x1, probably NVIS he said. Probably I should tune some radials for 60M and wind a coil for it, hi hi.
- posted by Leigh @ 04:17 z
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