Monday, June 07, 2004 Zulu
KX1 pack at WalMart for $4.79

I got a pack for $4.79 at Walmart. They had thinner ones for $1 less with one fewer pocket, and wider ones ("Fits up to 60 inch waist!") for $1 more. Thee brand is "Eastsport." Some had prominent logos, and some didn't. They had thick polyester (what I chose), thin nylon that looks like it would rip but was lighter, and that material known as "pleather" (for $7.99). They also had some styles in other colors such as purple.

They also had slightly larger shoulder packs for $7.99, good for carrying an HFPacker amp and D-cell NiMH pack.

- posted by Leigh @ 04:42 z
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