Sunday, July 25, 2004 Zulu
Flight of the Bumblebees

Flight of the Bumblebees is over and I got 7 contacts on 20M with my KX1 at the Palo Alto Baylands.

I put my SD20 over a convenient metal stake and set up a wire vertical with the SD-20 and a single radial about 2ft to 4ft off the ground. The vertical top was 22ft up and was 28ft long. I tried the PAC-12 with Alan's Balun and the single radial but it was worse.

My lone 40M was QRM'd suddenly and my last contact on 20M was lost when I got confused by a request to QSY to 15M -- I misunderstood and thought I was QRMing someone. It just shows I need more practice in operating skills.

I only heard one or two other stations I couldn't work. Not too bad for a day with a geomagnetic storm!

1 N7OU 579 OR 180 14.058 1838z QSL
2 AD6GI 559 CA 198 14.060 1842z QSL
3 W6AZ 559 CA 89 14.061.42 1846z
4 K7TQ 559 ID 76 14.060.82 1900z QSL
5 WC7S 579 WY 50 14.060.50 1928z QSL
6 K6III 559 CA 210 14.062.18 2010z QSL
7 N7CEE 559 AZ 271 14.065.53 2020z QSL
8 K6UIZ 000 ?? ? 7.040 2039z (no points)
9 K6APA 000 ?? ? 14.060 2057z (no points)

- posted by Leigh @ 21:16 z
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