Monday, July 12, 2004 Zulu
I tried to crimp a BNC connector onto some LMR-100 (like RG/174) and broke it, so came to do some operating instead. I saw XE2BSS Alex in Mexicali (a hundred miles east of Tijuana, roughly) call CQ and he gave me a 579 on the first call back. Alex is using a Cushcraft R/9000 about 15 feet off the ground and the Signalink SL-1. I may get an SL-1 -- my homebrew/Ramsey/Buxcomm interface for the FT-817 has failed me a couple of times and is presently in a mysteriously non-functioning state, so all my PSK contacts are on the PSK-20... QSL via WD9EWK
- posted by Leigh @ 04:59 z
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