Friday, August 20, 2004 Zulu

On the way back tonight we stopped at my sister's (Ex-WN5UOE) in San Luis Obispo, and I got out my KX1 and 10 NiMH AA's and threw a 16ft wire on the floor and a 28ft wire across a few pieces of wrought-iron furniture, out the window, and into a tree. Around 0600z I worked ES5MC Arvo in Estonia on 14.030...he was a fluttery 559 and gave me a 519 on the 3rd call but considering my antenna I was quite pleased.

(haversine-great-circle-distance-miles (latlon "KO37mt") (latlon "CM95qg")) is 5733, divided by 4.5W is 1274 miles per watt.

QSL Sent
- posted by Leigh @ 06:45 z
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