Monday, August 09, 2004 Zulu

I hooked up the PAC-12, KX1, and Alan's Balun in the 12 ohm position on 40m at the elementary school and heard a few CQ's and answered N6VOH Barry from Los Angeles. Barry just bought an ICOM-703 for under $400 at HRO in Anaheim and was running it to a Windom at 35ft. He was happy with the new rig and said the sale was still on.

I had trouble with the 18ft LMR100 cable I made with the crimp-on connectors from Eua-Am. I guess I have to buy either a crimp tool for them or spend $5 for each one for a clamp on... So I used a 1ft RG-58/U cable from Pasternak I got at a flea market instead and sat in the grass.

QSL Sent
- posted by Leigh @ 02:13 z
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