Saturday, September 04, 2004 Zulu
HFPack 18.157.50

I called CQ HFPack on 18.157.50 at and K6ERO John answered but it was hard to hear him due to QRN and QSB.

John called CQ and KQ6XA Bonnie answered. I could hear Bonnie better on her 4.2MHz ladder-fed loop, and John could hear her better on the dipole.

John faded out and Larry WA0GWA/M answered around 1807Z, and said he had a Buddipole and was planning to try HFPack operation from an observation tower.

Bonnie called CQ again for Europe (gray line) but I had to QRT.

John gave me a 5x5. I gave Larry a 5x4. Larry wants a QSL card. Sent

- posted by Leigh @ 18:15 z
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