Tuesday, September 28, 2004 Zulu

I finished the control board testing on my K2. It was fun. It's a lot like the KX1 in the front panel -- nice to see some the consistency. I got to try the keyer with my AZ Scorpions paddle and it worked. The internal voltmeter wasn't right, though. There's an AGC adjustment of 3.9v, and with R1 all the way up, it topped out at about 3.7 or 3.8v. Using a DMM I had I got 3.8v easily. I didn't see any adjustment for the internal voltmeter, but I hope there is one somewhere. I am glad the nightmare of Z1 is over.

I ordered a full set of inductors and transformers from Mychael's Toroids. I was going to order just the transformers, since I'd had so much trouble with the transformers on the HFPacker amp. The toroids aren't as much of a problem for me, but there are a bunch of them and the cost wasn't that much more. I still have to wind the ATU ones and I think there's some in the SSB board, but I'm not sure. (Plus I have another set to do for next year's HFPacker 100W build...) Enough rationalization...I ordered the set. The forcing function was Mychael is going on vacation and I had to decide.

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