Friday, September 03, 2004 Zulu
OH4LRP Olli in Rahula, Finland

I turned on the PSK-20 and there were not many signals and quite a bit of noise to my G5RV but I saw a fluttery CQ DX at 14.072.4 or so...I answered and OH4LRP Olli got my call on the first round with the HFPacker amplifier.

Olli was running 30 Watts from his ICOM 751A in Rahula, in Finland, and I got about 50% of his copy over a very fluttery, probably polar, route. Olli's station looks FB in his QRZ.com picture; you can even see the Icom rig in it. I missed the antenna -- maybe a beam? "Ant: / E eem otead @15-2to m", though it appears he has a nice tower. I did get that he built his own interface and was using MixW on Win98, and that it was 15C there. QRA appears to be KP31QQ or so -- about 5300 miles.

When I modulate the PSK-20 with AF below 1KHz I have to crank it up a bit; otherwise the PSK-20 vox flutters. Maybe I should look at the interface I built and take out that DC blocking capacitor, huh?

Queued for buro Olli requests QSL via bureau.
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