Thursday, September 16, 2004 Zulu
Sony MDR-E829V for Elecraft KX1
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My KX1 headphones are Sony ear buds, MDR-E829V and are on SonyStyle for $14.99 though I bought them at Long's drugstore.

They also have the MDR-E828LP, which appears identical except for not having a volume control and are $9.99. Those are probably a better deal if you can find them.

The important point is to look on the back of the headphone box and it will say in teeny-tiny print

   Specifications: Sensitivity 108dB/mW

Also in the 108 dB/mW category they have the MDR-ED2ILP, which are $19.99 and bigger, for bigger ears I guess, but they lack the wind-up carrying case which is so useful for QRV portable.

The MDR-818 is like the MDR-E828LP and a dollar less ($8.99) but also lacks the wind up case, so I don't think that is a good deal.

So it looks like the MDR-E828LP for $9.99, or if you can't find it in a store and have to order and pay shipping, look for the MDR-E829V at drugstores such as Long's, Target, Wal-Mart, or Walgreens.

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