Thursday, September 02, 2004 Zulu

I set up my KX1 on NiMH AA's at 4W at the espresso bar between Xerox and PARC but it was too close to the building and it is in a valley anyway, so I moved out a ways, still in the valley, but with a bit of a view to the north. I threw the 28ft wire up thee hill into a tree and the wire was parallel to the hil about 4 to 10 feet up along its route, and put a 40m radial 90 degrees away along the valley floor -- 180 would have been better but there wasn't room for 33ft.

I heard W7YCW and W7VA? in QSO and when that ended W7IML called them but no response, so I called him...Clark could barely hear me so I stood up on the fence and that helped a lot -- with his pre-amp on and filters on his ICOM 706 he could hear me on his invrerted vee. He was running 100W and was 559, and gave me a 449 with QSB, QRN, and QRM. He worked hard to pull my puny signal out of that!

Clark is in Snohomish, WA and got interested in ham radio in 1933 and got his ticket a few years later. He was enjoying the warm weather there, but for me standing in the sun it got a bit hot and I had to QRT and head in to my office, but I will look for Clark on the bands again.

QSL Sent
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