Friday, October 08, 2004 Zulu
Elektor Electronics DRM Receiver

This is a photo of the ready-built DRM receiver from Elektor Electronics. Dave M1CTK sent me the photo. I have one of the board, and am gathering the parts. It is a broad-band DDS-synthesized receiver with an LSB 12KHz output -- kind of like a super version of the PSK-20 receiver.

The parts list calls for "100nF SMD case shape 1208" capacitors, but they are probably 1206, as 1208 doesn't exist. I'll have to measure the board... C5 and C6 seem to be 15pF ceramics, and C10 a 3.3nF and C18, C19 1nF and C20 4.7nF all seem to be ceramic. IC5 is a 50MHz oscillator, a COTC=50 5V AEC-3J in this picture.

PartPin Spacing (center to center)
C1, C23.5mm
L*, R*
C225mm or 8.5mm?

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