Tuesday, October 26, 2004 Zulu

I finished the K160RX last night and installed it. The instructions say to orient the ground tab of the RX antenna BNC to the left, to avoid the ATU.

The ATU instructions say to orient it down towards the RF board. Down towards the RF board doesn't fit because of the tight clearance. Left doesn't fit because it covers one of the new transverter RCA jack cutouts. I oriented it left and slightly above the RCA jack, which makes the ground wire parallel to the center conductor for most of the way.

When I first tried it, the RX antenna was about 1 S Unit above the main BNC in level. I fiddled and pressed, and then noticed that it seemed to be related to AGC action.

I readjusted the AGC; it was supposed to be 3.8v but was 3.9v or so. I then read a message from N7KR Wayne that said to adjust it to give you the volume level you want, so I put it down around 3.5. Now I can see no difference between the two antenna connectors in S meter reading, and they both come out to about -140dBm MDS with the XG1.

Then I started on the KNB1. Mine is revision D.

- posted by Leigh @ 17:27 z
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