Saturday, October 16, 2004 Zulu
Pacificon Report
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Debra KG6UI built this 40m transceiver and a 20m one for some people on a sailboat around the world but they only wanted the 20m one. The receiver is an MRX-40 varactor-tuned receiver with anNE602 mixer and the transmitter a Pixie 2 with a separate sidetone oscillator.

Vern WA6MMA showed his new MP-1 which is being manufactured in China. Dan Tayloe N7VE showed a prototype AMQRP 20-30 rig (20 or 30) using his innovative mixer design.

Tommy Henderson WD5AG showed his Ozark 17 from Ozarkon, but demurred when I asked about the availability of the beautiful hand-machined case. No wonder -- it looked like a tremendous amount of work.

I bought a 2M/440 car antenna with a big mag mount and some coax (not RG-174) for $9.88 and could bring up N6NFI repeater from the Marriott parking lot in San Ramon, CA with it and my Yaesu VX-2R.

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