Thursday, October 07, 2004 Zulu
W2MJN, portable from Santa Cruz, CA
Pac-12KX1 Z100 HFPacker AmpKX1Operating Position
In Santa Cruz, CA in Mission Park, I heard W2MJN call CQ at 0000z on 14.040. Mike in Warwick, NY is 44 and has been a ham for 6 years, and on CW for the last 2. He was running a Yaesu FT-767 to a Yaesu FL8k amp at 300 watts to a Mosley tri-bander for a 579. I was running 40w or so from my my HFPacker amp driven by a KX1 to a Z100 tuner and my Pac-12 with stock radials for a 337(!) which Mike later revised. It is possible I had some RF feedback, but I don't know yet. We had solid copy both ways after that until someone calling CQ at 5wpm spot on QRM'ed him away and we signed off at 0024z. Mike said it was 67F there, and it was about the same in Scruz. QSL Sent
- posted by Leigh @ 01:39 z
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