Wednesday, November 24, 2004 Zulu
AC5JH Micamold XTR-1

I heard from AC5JH. I copied that he was using an "old" rig, an "x" something, but I had no idea how old:

Your Hamstick was not doing too bad, some QSB on the signal but readable with filters on the Omni 6.

The transmitter I was using is OLD. It is a Micamold XTR-1. They were produced in the late 40's as kits. I have been working on it for several days trying to get it working. It useses a 6AG7 oscilator driving a 6L6 final. I don't have a proper filter condencer for it so I was using an esternal power supply. With only about 275 B+ volts the 6L6 was only putting out about 5 to 6 watts. With closer to 400 V B+, it puts out about 25 watts. I had to completly rebuild it back to original due to modifications. As many old original parts as possible were put back into it. Those include old wire wound resistors that look more like the old paper condencers and all the original bypass bees wax and paper condencers. The oscilator runs contenus so you just key the final. The means that I had to trun off the plate voltage and change the antenna switch between tr and rcv. Kinda bulky QSK for sure.

The Micamold XTR-1 is kinda unique in that there are only 4 of them known to still exist. I am not sure but mine may be the only one that is actually on the air? I have had corospondance with the guys that own them and I think most were repairs in progress!

Thanks for the note and if you take a look on Google at Micamold XTR-1 you will see references to pictures of the old rig.

72 and Have a Great ThanksGiving Tom AC5JH Blanchard, OK

- posted by Leigh @ 17:24 z
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