Thursday, November 04, 2004 Zulu
I finished the Noise Blanker but wanted to wait for something else to be done to install it. I'm waiting on missing (dropped, likely) parts for the KSB2 and ATU, so I built the KIO2. I turned it on and it worked first time with Marote by AB6CV. I will have to wait for the recycling truck or another airplane to see if the NB works.

After I put in the KNB2, the K2 wouldn't XMIT. I removed the KIO2 board and TX worked again. I must have put the KIO2 connector onto the control board improperly. Opening the right side of the rig helps see where the cable runs. Without the ATU or battery installed, the cable is a little long, and I bent it up against the speaker magnet and screw.

- posted by Leigh @ 07:27 z
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