Sunday, November 21, 2004 Zulu
I just finished my KSB2 and and evaluating its performance. Before I installed it my K2 the current draw in receive was about 0.24-0.26 amps according to the internal meter. Afterward, it is 0.30-0.32 amps. Even taking the conservative range, that's 40ma draw and the manual says 15-20ma. Should I be concerned, or is this within error? I rechecked the board and cleaned fluxy areas with a Chemtronics flux remover (alcohol based) to remove any possible metal trapped on the board. My first contact was F5PFP Mehdi in Lyons, France, running about somewhere in the 25-40W range on 17M, but OM said my audio was "very low." I think there might be an issue there but haven't located it yet. The Mic is an Elecraft/Heil MH2, and I have compression at 2:1 and Mic Gain at 3.
- posted by Leigh @ 05:39 z
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