Tuesday, November 09, 2004 Zulu
What with the solar flare and bad space weather and all, I was discouraged and hadn't planned to turn the radio on, but I decided to anyway when I sat down to finish (?) my K2 ATU. Right away on 80M I heard a fairly strong CQ and the call seemed familiar; I looked up WA5TCZ on QRZ.com and saw it was Darron, who was used to talk to my father N5LK when they were novices. Darron sent me email after I commented on an article he wrote about taking the code test in New Orleans. We tried a sked once or twice but couldn't hear each other, so we were both doubly surprised to have a QSO under these conditions. I tuned around and didn't hear anything at all on any of the other bands. I was running my K2 to the HFPacker amp at 40W.
- posted by Leigh @ 05:51 z
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