Friday, December 17, 2004 Zulu
I heard from 6Y5IC Wenty in Kingston, Jamaica by email. I'd seen him in various digital modes last night -- even some of the weirder ones, and he was 599 or 579 all night. Wenty said he's sked with me and we tried it tonight, but all I heard was EM1HO Paul in Antartica! Then I saw Wenty talk to Paul, and then Wenty gave me a call! He gave me a 369 and I gave him 579, so there must be some problem at my end...but at least it worked. Using my K2 at 2.5W driving the HFPacker amp. It looks like the drive necessary to trip the TigerTronics VOX is too much for the K2 and I have to reduce it on the K2 end, which causes ALC. I used the PSK Meter and git it down to 30dB IMD and then turned the amplifier on, but I'm not sure about it all yet.
- posted by Leigh @ 05:38 z
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