Monday, December 27, 2004 Zulu
I heard W7RDP/qrp calling CQ on 3580.500 and answered him with my K2 at 5W. Doug has built a lot of QRP kits, but different ones from my. He's got a Norcal 40A and a Warbler (built in October) and a G5RV, same as me. He's on the list for an ATS-3 (SMT kit somewhat like the Elecraft KX1). Doug's practicing CW and hopes to get on the key soon. I'll listen for him on 40 or 20 with his RockMite (well, maybe on 40). RST 579-599. QTH: Sammamish, WA (21m East of Seattle).
- posted by Leigh @ 06:33 z
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