Tuesday, January 11, 2005 Zulu
Duet Update

Whirlpool's service people were scheduled to come out yesterday between 1 and 5pm but called at 3:30 to say they weren't qualified. I had a hint of that when the caller ID said "SEARS."

So I called today and waited on hold about 45 minutes. I explained the problem again and they said "Our technical support people say that the control panel and washer will just do that and even changing a new control board and motor won't help." So I asked for the FCC ID number for its Part 15B unintentional radiator and in response I got "Mike," a supervisor. Mike and I talked for a while and he said he would go back to the engineering group with the data I have and try to find out what's up. I told him I thought that their control panel was unshielded and perhaps they had overlooked Part 15(b) compliance. I sent him the images and told him that I would like their help in finding out whether their design or my unit is meeting the regulations or not. He said that they have only three products with electronic controls and that this unit is designed in "North America" but manufactured in Germany. "This particular SKU is not sold in Germany" he said, when I asked if perhaps it was supposed to be CE compliant as well as FCC compliant and they'd removed CE required filtering.

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