Tuesday, January 25, 2005 Zulu
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I took my KX1 and Hamstick to the SF Baylands and heard a nice QSO between KH6AP 599 and DW7YE 449A on 14.054. I switched from the short Hamstick to the long one, and they came up a bit. When they signed off a few OM tried to call but they had such a long QSO I doubt either wanted another right away, so I waitied a minute and called QRL then CQ DE WA5ZNU/QRPM.

NH7D Ben in Hilo, HI answered me rigtht away on 14.054. Ben was 559 in the QRN-free zone and we had a nice QSO on his TenTec Argo at 15W into an inverted vee. Ben gave me a 559 (probably 459 as he missed some) but later said I was up to 569. Ben asked for a QSL so when I get my new ones I will send one.

- posted by Leigh @ 18:20 z
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