Thursday, January 06, 2005 Zulu
Olivia HF MFSK Mode with Walsh FEC

There is a new digital mode based on MFSK with FEC using Walsh functions, and a selectable bandwidth from 125Hz to 2KHZ.

There is a mailing list, digitalradio with Yahoo Groups, for discussing it, but you need a password to read the archives.

Tbe designer of the mode, Pawel Jalocha SP9VRC, has published a specification, and so US hams are now in compliance with FCC order DA 95-2106, which the ARRL says reads:

"This Order amends Section 97.309(a) of the Commission's Rules...to clarify that amateur stations may use any digital code that has its technical characteristics publicly documented. This action was initiated by a letter from the American Radio Relay League, Inc. (ARRL)."

Updates: See performance figures for the various configurations done by Mark N5RFX. See N1US's Olivia MFSK HowTo for Windows users. For Linux, the curses-based interface is available by contacting SP9VRC by email. Hopefully, GPL source will be available soon.

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