Monday, February 07, 2005 Zulu
FYBO 2005 Single Field Battery QRP Score 480
Call	Name	Freq   ST TX	RX	OM T	MY T	P	Z
K8UO	 ARP	21.060 MI 599	599	5F	 66F	4W	2038Z
W0NTA	 Dick	14.060 CO 599	599	54F	 65F	5W	2158Z
W0RW	 Paul	14.060 CO 599	539	35F	 66F	3W	2200Z
AA1MY	 Seab	14.060 ME 599	599	33F	 64F	5W	2217Z
WD8RIF	 Eric	14.060 OH 579	579	42F	 64F	5W	2237Z
W7SW	 Scotty	14.060 AZ 589	559	64F	 64F	5W	2244Z

I was using my K2 and a 33ft wire directly fed on two fishing poles (14 and 22ft) on 40 and 15 and a 16ft wire on the 14ft pole on 20, and a wire or two on the ground, powered with the K5OOR PowerPak. There were about 50 people operating at SLAC on a 250ft hill at the mini-FD organized by FARS.

For logging, I used XDIF log format, and have developed an XML "stylesheet" to calculate the score, taking into account the logged temperature, power source, field location, etc. Here is the FYBO 2005 XDIF log and XSLT stylesheets.

- posted by Leigh @ 22:45 z
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