Sunday, March 13, 2005 Zulu
K5OOR 1:1 Balun

I put up a 15m dipole low in the back yard and it picks up a lot of noise, but more signals than my G5RV, which is rather quiet on 15m. I used ladder line and a balun just outside the shack, but the Z was around 200 ohms. It turned out to be a 4:1 balun. So I built a 1:1 out of Kits and Parts binocular core suggested by K5OOR. I used 3 turns primary and 3 secondary, of #20 or so Teflon/Silver from SurplusSales.com, which was all that would fit. I put it in a Radio Shack project box with Radio Shack bananna jacks. I used the Unibit to make the hole for the RS BNC connector. The ground lug broke off, like it always does.

Initially I miswired it. The balun works fine now that I followed Virgil's directions!

- posted by Leigh @ 05:56 z
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