Monday, April 11, 2005 Zulu
Last QSO from Toronto W6VIF

While waiting for the taxi, I got out of KX1, Maldol whip, 12" clip-on bus wire, and a 16ft teflon-coated silver wire tied to the retaining nut on the KX1. It matched at 14.05 or so, so I tried elevating the wire a few feet and it needed a lot of the tuner so I put it back down.

I answered a CQ but didn't get it, so I tuned to 14.044 and heard W6VIF/4 calling CQ I answered and got a 339 report and VY WEAK. I draped the wire over a car hood and moved around until the signal was stronger, and since the signal was still strong I put on the extra battery and got an S3 report. Chappy said he is 88, lives in Ft Myers, FL and was running 250W yo a vertical...he said it was 70F and sunny...55F and sunny also in Toronto.

- posted by Leigh @ 17:05 z
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