Wednesday, April 20, 2005 Zulu
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At lunch I put up my KX1 and Cabelas 14ft pole and had trouble matching. I had had this trouble before, with the 28ft wire in a tree. I noticed the KX1 was giving me 4.5uH L and nothing would help.

So I took out the 28ft wire and tried using instead the 24ft I had cut for a 30m radial, and it got a lot better.

I suspect that my 28ft wire is broken somewhere and will make a new one.

I heard W7GRN calling CQ on 10.108 and answered, and we had a nice QSO. Vern is just home from the hospital and CW seemed to be therapeutic. I hope to hear from him again.

- posted by Leigh @ 10:23 z
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